5 Cool Features You Should Be Using in Analysis for Office 2.4

Cool features in Analysis for Office 2.4 version Read in SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office (AO) has been released in its 2.4 version by the end of 2016. In this version two Plug-ins are combined: The consequence is that a client will need SAP authorization to use EPM. For a detailed disquisition discussion of the…

SAP Lumira Comparison: Cloud vs Desktop

It’s been a while since SAP introduced the Self-Service tool SAP Lumira. In a previous blog we have looked at this Self-Service tool when it was rebranded from Visual Intelligence into SAP Lumira. You can find the blog from my colleague Raid Fikri under Articles. In the meantime some really neat features have been added and the look-and-feel has been harmonized in the Cloud and the Desktop versions. In this blog we will do a walkthrough and discuss the main features of and differences between SAP Lumira Cloud and SAP Lumira Desktop.

BPC Update: SAP BPC + IP = BPC Unified

SAP’s strategy for the planning domain within Enterprise Performance Management is clear – SAP Business Planning Consolidation (BPC) is the tool to use for SAP customers. SAP has decided to combine the best of both of its planning tools (Integrated Planning (IP) and BPC) in one tool being BPC Unified. So should all customers already opt for BPC unified? In this article we will try to shine some light on this question.

Design Studio and Universes

With the introduction of universes, version 1.2 of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio finally opened its world to the non-SAP world. Virtually any data source can be handled now provided that you use the SAP BusinessObjects Platform. In this article, I will quickly take a step-by-step overview of the universe functionality.

SAP Lumira Cloud Version

Let’s meet: SAP Lumira Cloud Version
It’s now two years ago that Visual Intelligence was introduced to the crowd. Now dubbed Lumira, there have been rumors that eventually it would be available online too, without having to install the desktop version.