Custom Development



What are hidden gems?

  • Your SAP system contains a wealth of data that is made accessible through transactions or reports
  • Not all of your employees, customers, vendors or contractors have access to this wealth. Even if they (and you) would benefit from it
  • Sometimes because they don’t want to use the SAP UI
  • Sometimes because only the combination of certain components (transactions or reports) unlocks the wealth
  • Sometimes the wealth only exists when SAP data is combined with non-SAP data

Hidden gems within SAP



Unlocking your hidden gems

With the advent of new web technologies creating frontends becomes easier and more flexible. Especially when mobile devices are in scope as well. The introduction of HANA by SAP has made combining SAP data and data from other sources easier as well.

Leveraging these two developments and realizing their full potential is the focus of Just Development.

  • Our HANA specialists combine necessary data in fit-for-purpose HANA views
  • Our designers help you conceptualize the right user experience
  • Our web developers create frontends that are easy to use and run on all necessary devices
  • Together they unlock the gems that are currently hiding in your system landscape