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EPM and Analysis Office for BPC: where roads converge

    One of the most frequently asked questions from customers using BPC at the moment is which client (tool is the best fit for BPC on HANA. In this article we will compare the various front-end tools that can be used in combination with SAP BPC in a simple way. We will do this…

SAP Design Studio 1.4 Improved Scaling Script

Scaling became an available feature as of Design Studio 1.3. When a dashboard has multiple data sources and numerous scaling options for the user, the scaling script could become very large. This is not very user friendly for the developer. As of version 1.4 this scaling script can be improved by reducing the size of the script to the minimum and making it easier to maintain and read. In this article I’ll explain how to do it.

Just-BI Customer Day 2014

The 2014 edition of Just-BI’s Customer Day took place on September 26th. This year’s event was structured around the BI Maturity model, applied on a fictitious company, called Adventure Works. This Company had evolved from maturity level 2 to 4 and the customer day told the story of the adventurous project that got them there.

Design Studio conditional formatting on SAP HANA

In this post I will share my solution for implementing conditional formatting in Design Studio, a feature that’s currently missing if you have a HANA view as Data Source.
By adding HTML tags to a value in SAP HANA, these tags can be used with custom CSS In Design Studio.

SAP Lumira Comparison: Cloud vs Desktop

It’s been a while since SAP introduced the Self-Service tool SAP Lumira. In a previous blog we have looked at this Self-Service tool when it was rebranded from Visual Intelligence into SAP Lumira. You can find the blog from my colleague Raid Fikri under Articles. In the meantime some really neat features have been added and the look-and-feel has been harmonized in the Cloud and the Desktop versions. In this blog we will do a walkthrough and discuss the main features of and differences between SAP Lumira Cloud and SAP Lumira Desktop.