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Jump to a Web Intelligence report from Dashboards in BI4

Dashboards show higher level data and sometimes the data needs to be explored on a more detailed level by the end user, for example in a Web Intelligence document. This article will describe how to jump from a dashboard built in SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards to a Webi built in BusinessObjects 4.0 and passing the parameters.

Design Studio and Universes

With the introduction of universes, version 1.2 of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio finally opened its world to the non-SAP world. Virtually any data source can be handled now provided that you use the SAP BusinessObjects Platform. In this article, I will quickly take a step-by-step overview of the universe functionality.

Hana fuzzy text search

Since connecting to HANA from Microstrategy ran quite smoothly, I was Interested if it was possible to use some of the more extensive HANA capabilities trough microstrategy. After sitting in on sessions on the TECH-ED in Amsterdam my interest was piqued by HANA’s text capabilities. I recently worked on a Mobile dashboard where  fuzzy search…

Microstrategy on HANA – Part 2

  It’s one of the big buzz words of SAP. The database/application is of course known for its speed due to its in memory technology. Microstrategy is positioning itself as an ideal tool for unlocking reporting and mobile with HANA certification and all. Having done dashboarding from Microstrategy on SAP BW, I was curious to…