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Microstrategy on HANA – Part 1

In this demo we will create HANA tables and its content by using SQL script This demo contains a purchasing scenario with several purchasing organizations in de US and vendors which are located in Europe.   In this demo we will create 16 tables within schema “MSTR”.  13 tables are master data tables and 3…

Dashboards: ComboBox Add-Ons

The default component in Dashboards for selecting a node from a hierarchy uses a lot of space. When using the hierarchy just for filtering purposes, it would be nice if the hierarchy would be hidden once a node is selected.
In this article I will show you a ComboBox Add-On that offers you this functionality aswell as two other useful ComboBox Add-Ons.

SAP Lumira Cloud Version

Let’s meet: SAP Lumira Cloud Version
It’s now two years ago that Visual Intelligence was introduced to the crowd. Now dubbed Lumira, there have been rumors that eventually it would be available online too, without having to install the desktop version.

Dashboards Add-On: ComboBox – Multiple Select

Multiple Select ComboBox has always been in demand ever since we are using dashboards. This Add-On has been created from the SAP SDK sample and is enhanced with some interesting features.

VNSG 2013 Knights game pictures

Did you visit our stand at the VNSG and dressed up as a knight in our Knights game ? Did you try to beat the other knights and gather the most silver coins to win great prices ? Or are you curious what you missed out on 😉 Click here to see the pictures.