We can support you with state-of-the-art knowledge around Business Intelligence. We offer specialized support for a vast range of tasks: from technical specialists to project managers and strategic advisors. We believe in the power of our team and we can put the best support possible together for your challenge, ranging from a single specialist to a team of different experts. The Just-Consultants will supply bespoke support and advice for your project. We also help with ad hoc needs or fill in (temporary) positions in your project and/or management organization.

We simplify complexities

At a strategic level, we guide you through the definition of concrete roadmaps. Our experience ranges from “simple” tool choices, based on the different product roadmaps, to Business Intelligence programs in globally operating companies. BI-maturity is being mapped in your technical structure as well as in your entire organization, so a concrete and coordinated direction with the associated work packages can be defined. We can help you to influence product roadmaps, e.g. with representing your interests in customer engagement programs.

Delivery Models

The increasing “speed of business” requires adjustment of delivery models. More and more business areas have intricate IT requirements which are vague, prone to constant changes, with uncertain outcomes. Those circumstances put a lot of pressure on your business and your resources. You need a way to face new and unchartered challenges with an exploratory approach and experimenting thesis (Ninja style). Even the more Business-as-Usual information domains may require more agility in its Samurai-style delivery model. We support you with our experience in defining and achieving agile delivery models and Scrum project methods.

SAP Consultancy 

In the rapidly evolving SAP world, where SAP seems to thrive on their “confuse and conquer” strategy, Just-BI can assist you in determining the right technology stack which fits your BI strategy and needs best. Technology in the broadest sense: ranging from back-end components to fit-for-purpose front-end tooling, while covering the accompanying organizational changes to embed Business Intelligence as a core function into your business processes.

Once the target landscape is defined, Just-BI can help by mapping out the actions required to reach the goal, for example with regards to system migration and upgrade.