Running Projects

Business Intelligence (BI) design and implementation projects are typically very complex and offer many challenges to business organizations. The great risk of running into unexpected issues in the course of the process is always present and can result in time-consuming changes.  Especially, if your company has to keep the interests of different business segments in mind or if your organization does not have experts on board which has dealt with complexity in BI before. A delay in the project, caused by unexpected, but necessary adjustments and changes, occupies your personnel which is actually needed elsewhere in your company. What is required for your business`s BI projects is the support and advice from experts who are not only familiar with the challenges of projects but know exactly how to tackle them.


In over 15 years, our trusted and experienced team has developed re-usable and custom-made solutions for our customers which form a variety of products and productized services. These products can help you to save time and money and provide you with a solid foundation for an overall BI-solution which delivers the best possible results. Just-BI ensures that products and solutions match your BI-environment and business needs.

Just-BI has been involved in end-to-end BI design and implementation projects in a range of major national and international companies. Just-BI offers a core of senior consultants who accompany your business on every step of the way and establish the optimal design to ensure that you get great results. Implementation and delivery of your project are handled by a resource pool of experts in a vast range of expertise, such as SAP-BW, Business Objects, portals, mobile platforms etc. Just-BI has developed a proven and efficient methodology for projects, i.e. Just-WoW.

You can benefit from our expertise with a range of services and products to help your project to become a success.