Dashboards: ComboBox Add-Ons

In the project I am currently working on I was using the add-on “ComboBox – Multiple Selection (see this article by my colleague Chris Halder).

Besides the option to select multiple values from a list there was a requirement to select a node from a hierarchy. I normally used the X-Components from Antivia for showing hierarchies, but the downside of that Add-on is that it takes quite some space and does not allow you to set a default selected value.

For that reason I created a new Add-On with this functionality.

ComboBox – TreeView

ComboBox – TreeView Demo:

ComboBox – Single Selection

Now that the “ComboBox – Multiple Selection” and the “ComboBox – TreeView” components have a similar look&feel , I wanted to have the same for a single value selection. For that reason I copied and modified one of the Add-Ons and created the “ComboBox – Single Selection” component.

ComboBox – Single Values:

Combining ComboBox Add-Ons

Now the three components can be used together.

ComboBox – Combined;Add-Ons:


Download the ComboBox Add-Ons for free:

– ComboBox – TreeView

– ComboBox – Single Selection

– ComboBox – Multiple Selection

For full functionality you need a Customer Key Code that will be provided for free. For more information about getting your Customer Key Code please contact me via our contactform.


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