Datascience training Just-BI @ DIKW

Have you noticed how fast technology is developing these days? What was hot yesterday, is old today. And this trend asks for specialists that do not only a little bit, but a lot extra to serve our customers better.

Six of Just´s finest specialists started a Datascience (DS) training on September 21st which will provide a huge amount of up-to-date knowledge in the DS area. After 12 weeks of intense and hard, but rewarding, work, all six will become Certified Datascience Professionals (CDSP). data-sciencesThe first training day started – after an introduction of students and the three teachers – with an overview of the terms specifically to DS. Then we went right into the practical training and created our first initial data containers (vectors, matrices, data frames) in R Studio. And to make sure we got a day´s worth out of it, we were also introduced to some statistical methods which we could immediately apply to our newly created data (multiply, before and after, and transpose). The course also provides books and even homework to ensure that the hard earned knowledge will stick and last. All in all, it is very challenging, but of course at the same time very motivating to learn and become a Data Scientist. Following our company philosophy, our six students will share their experience on one of our Knowledge Fridays with their colleagues. Because we want to be sure that our customers only get the best and latest products and support.

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  • Ralf Slofstra