HANA Tips & Tricks: issue #1a – Addendum: Importing Columns for Scripted Calculation Views

Last weeks post by Just-Roland mentions a cool program he built, to easily generate column definitions in a scripted calculation view.Creating columns with matching names and datatypes manually can obviously be tedious and error prone. Later I remembered that such a standard option exists in HANA Studio as of SPS9 “import columns from”.

After selecting the script node in the editor, select the drop down box from output area in the top right.

This could be a nice time-saver, instead of entering columns manually.



If you enjoyed this, I would definitely recommend The what’s new series, like:http://www.slideshare.net/SAPTechnology/sap-hana-sps-09-hana-modeling

They are filled with handy tips like this.


N.B. Thanks to Scott Wery for this piece.

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