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Being active in the business intelligence sector, you might think we in Just-BI are nothing but serious, nerdy, office clerks. And although that of course is true for the most part, we also like to get a bit funky now and again. The year 2018 marked the 15th anniversary of Just-BI and we could not let this go by unnoticed. It was the perfect moment to once again put on our dancing shoes and start swinging.

With our 5- and 10-year celebrations, Just-BI has created a bit of a name for itself in throwing festive events. To maintain this status and live up to the hype, it required all our skills to again create something unique and lively. So, as those things typically go within “Just”, we rolled up our sleeves, set up a task force, and made this project our top priority. Meetings and sessions followed, discussing what the theme of this event should be. Eventually, we all agreed on “Time Travel”. This gave us the opportunity to look forward and present some new directions for Just-BI to take in the coming years. And at the same time, the theme allowed us to take a step back and look at what has been achieved and accomplished in the last 15 years.

Entry Time Travel

That night, Saturday December 15th, the Rooftop Bar at Bink, The Hague, was given a complete makeover. This started on the ground floor already where guests would enter the elevator as if it was a time machine. Guests were also encouraged to dress to impress. And wow, have we seen people taking this very seriously! We have seen guests dressing up from various eras. Some dressed as part of the Peaky Blinders gang, from the 1920s. Others, going full regalia as knights. We have even spotted a templar, from over 800 years ago!

Maarten and Koen, fully dressed as 16-century musketeers, were the hosts of the evening. They held an interactive quiz with the guests (and employees) to test how much they actually know about Just-BI. Lots of interesting information was presented, but the guests learned not only about the company that night.

Interactive Just-Quiz & Just-Carpool Karaoke!

In recorded carpool karaoke sessions, we got a chance to see the musical talent of Ian, Ralf, Barbara and Rad. Paul as the chauffeur, who’s got a lovely singing voice himself, asked the passengers about their favorite music artists and years. We now know that Ralf’s favorite activity in his car is singing along to the Bee Gees, in a high-pitched voice of course! And that Rad still occasionally reminisce about his time as a rapper.

Each passenger was also asked what direction they see the company will take in the next couple of years, and how the world would look like then. We believe that future world can use some help, as it’s already struggling now with the human impact on the environment and the effects of climate change. With our Just-Care foundation we give aid to people in need, but we want to take it to the next level. We want to contribute to a more sustainable future for all and that night we called in an expert to help achieve that goal.

Merijn Tinga, also known as the plastic soup surfer, was invited on stage to tell his story. He raises awareness on plastic pollution and the harmful effects thereof. He has built a surfboard out of plastic waste and sailed from Scheveningen all the way to the English coast! Through his actions, the Dutch Parliament adopted a resolution which will instate a deposit fee on small plastic bottles by 2021, an amazing feet! Are you also inspired by Merijn’s story and would you like to contribute to his next adventure and the fight against plastic waste? Then check out his website here and donate. (https://plasticsoupsurfer.org/)

Merijn Tinga ‘ the plastic soup surfer’

After this more serious note, it was back to the festivities, where the guests could experience an exciting mixture of entertainment. An oxygen bar was present where you could refresh and unwind. A fortune teller was on site to let you know what future you behold. Want to experience how you will game in the future? Then the virtual reality simulators are your best bet for a truly immersive experience! And for those feeling a bit nostalgic, an old-school pinball machine and classic arcade games like Pac-Man and Tekken were available.

Just-Fly in the Virtual Reality

With the opening act of a fabulous dancing duo everybody was invited to go to the dancefloor and show off their own moves. The audio spectacle provided by music band Agogo, accompanied by DJ and saxophonist, released us all from our inhibitions. It made Glenn and Ralf – while wearing their identical Pac-Man suit – jump on stage to exhibit their dancing skills. Who knew that they are such excellent ravers? And although they were quickly escorted back to the dancefloor, it couldn’t spoil the fun that night.

Just-dance the night away with Agogo

The party eventually, well over schedule, came to an end. And with that, we want to thank you and everybody that took part in making this celebration happen and creating such a memorable and amazing night. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and hope we’ll see you again next time.


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