Just-BI Customer Day 2014

During the day, the presenters guided the audience of existing and potential customers through the different steps that Adventure Works made to reach full maturity on all aspects (people, process and technology) of maturity level 3 – standard reporting, and level 4 – Analyze.

presentatieDennisThe day was kicked off with an introduction of the BI Maturity model and a discussion concerning the importance of covering the people, process and technology aspect at each stage of this model.

presentatieJasonA demo of sales manager Jason using his new Sales Dashboard was the perfect way to show how Adventure Works covered the people and processes part of maturity level 3. Jason discovered an exceptional downward spike in profit and intended to find the root cause of that spike. Implementing Design Studio to build this dashboard covered the technology aspect. presentatieScottA perfect reason for Scott to explain a bit more about the do’s and don’ts with Design Studio. Complemented with some pointers on using Design Studio on mobile devices this presentation gave an insightful overview of the new BI frontend tool from SAP.

presentatieGlennHaving reached full level 3 maturity, Adventure Works aspired to take things to the next level. This time we started with the technology aspect presented by IT architect Glenn. He explained how HANA helped Adventure Works to increase speed and flexibility in their analytical reporting capabilities. Of course Glenn also shared some general observations on pros and cons of using HANA, which led to a lively debate with the audience.

presentatieRaidBuilding upon this technological foundation, Adventure Works’ data analyst Raid, gave a demo of how to use Lumira in combination with his extensive knowledge of Adventure Works’ data model to find the root cause of the exception that Jason found in his Dashboard. This covered the people aspect of reaching level 4 BI Maturity. As a little bonus, Raid also gave an overview of the myriad of BI frontend tools that SAP offers today and the ones that will likely be the future-proof solutions.

The final act of the Customer Day was aptly named “Closing the loop”. Sales manager Jason got his root cause analysis from Raid and now he wanted to capture conclusions and actions for future reference. Using a Just Component in Design Studio, he was able to store his remarks in such a way that they will always show up whenever he starts his dashboard. Thus closing the loop of his Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and illustrating how one can cover the process part of level 4 BI Maturity.

Although this closed loop marked the end of the formal part of the 2014 Customer Day, the informal part lasted a good deal longer and gave rise to lively discussions and meeting new people who all share a common interest in the fascinating world of SAP BI.

Beside the fact that it was a great day, it was also a big motivator to make next year’s edition even better. Hope to see you there.


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