Reporting & Visualization

As important as good data quality is, eventually it has to be presented as actionable information and insight. Using the wrong visualization or using the visualization wrongly can lead to erroneous conclusions even though the underlying data is correct.

While you might think visualization is a matter of creating tables and charts, we take it a step further. We pose not only the “what” question, but also the “why” and “how” to provide you with advice on the best visualization for a specific scenario.

The how and why questions are asked because we’d like to know the current way of work and how to improve it for the better. Solutions can pop up from unexpected sources as we think out of the box.


If you want to build a sustainable front-end of BI, we can help with guidelines and in-house developed ways of work, which is a result of years of experience with different customers. If you want to apply a worldwide recognized BI visualization standard, our knowledge of ICBS can be of great use as well.


Self-service is a trending topic in BI land at the moment. We look at these developments with a critical eye and go at great length to view it holistically. While end user requirements are key, it is important to look at data requirements as well, and not to be underestimated, governance. Trying to find a delicate balance between agility and centralisation is of great importance. 


Another trend in Business Intelligence is Mobile BI, an area in which we have vast experience. We have developed and implemented solutions for different customers with different vendors’ toolings. We understand that mobile takes a different approach to traditional BI. Factors like mobile infrastructure, device and network security, different user experience, offline capabilities, collaboration have to be taken into account. 

tool-selectionTool selection

For all the above mentioned topics, there is a vast number of vendor offering when it concerns tooling. Often the same vendor offers multiple tools. We can help you choose the right tools in an independent, vendor agnostic way.



Our knowledge and skills don’t stop at the vendor tools however. If you require customised solutions, whether on computers or mobile devices, we can build it for you. You can leverage vendor tools’ SDKs opt for altogether customised applications suited to you requirements. But as always, we will first make a fair assessment as to whether the investment is justified. Reach out to us for more information.