Packing Xmas boxes for refugees!

Vluchtenlingenwerk-West together with Just-Care will be handing out Christmas presents for the 10th time this year.

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Our colleagues at Just-BI and their professional and private network will make sure the children will again this year receive a Christmas box filled with clothes and toys. The collection of clothes and toys has started, our networks have been informed and the planning has been made. Two weeks before Chrismas Just-office will transform partially into a smooth running packing factory where all colleagues will contribute to the process. Sorting out the clothes and toys, preparing the boxes and labels, filling the boxes and eventually delivering them at Vluchtelingenwerk in Den Haag.

>>This year we put together ~50 Xmax-boxes for children listed by Vluchtelingenwerk


  • This year we have sponsors for the boxes which are donated by HelloFresh
  • And transport is taking care by SANDD



Some background information on Vluchtelingen-West and why Just-Care does this yearly event:
Vluchtelingenwerk-West (region Den Haag) supports refugees with getting a permit or helps them get back to their home country in a safe way. Some of these refugees have kids and we want to help out and make them happy with a personal Christmas box. Just-Care volunteers will fill-up these Christmas boxes with (used) toys and clothing our own kids (or kids from friends/family) grew out of.

By re-using these good condition clothes and toys we intend to make a small but positive contribution to both planet and people: prevent waste and make children happy!

Thanks to all volunteers, sponsors, colleagues, family and friends!

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