Preparing for March 12

At this moment a delegation of Just colleagues is busy preparing for the BI and Analytics day held on March 12.

This event is organized by Management Events and combines speeddating between advisors and customers with presentations on various BI topics.

We are very pleased with the high number of invitations we sent out and which were accepted by customers and the even higher number of invitations we received from customers.

At this moment we have 45 interviews scheduled and preparations have been going on for some weeks now. We are getting to know the customers business and prepare a snapshot presentation of 7 minutes in which we will dive into the very hot topic of Mobile BI.

This presentation will not be about preaching a theory, but we will show some of the very hot stuff we have developed recently. So if you are present at this event, make sure you don’t miss it !

That’s it for now, keep following us for updates on the outcome of next weeks event !

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  • Barbara Kiendl