Retrieve current system in Xcelsius from InfoView via the CELogonToken and pass parameters

Most of the time, SAP landscapes consist of several systems: a development, acceptance, quality and production environment. If you are creating a dashboard with an online connection you must make sure that the dashboard that is on development is connecting to a data provider on development as well. To be able to connect to the right system you must know on which system the dashboard is opened. If the dashboards are opened within a BEx Web Template, you can use a Javascript to find out the hostname. If the dashboards are opened via InfoView the system can be retrieved via the CELogonToken. This document describes how you can retrieve the system information from the CELogonToken.

If you are opening a dashboard from InfoView you can always retrieve the Flash Variable CELogonToken that is provided by BusinessObjects by default. This CELogonToken contains not only the token of the InfoView session, but also information about the host of the Business Object Core server and the port number on which the CMC is running:

[notification type=”notification_info_tiny”]hostname:8443@ABCDEFG[/notification]

In Xcelsius you can retrieve this information in the following way:

  • Open the Connection Manager in Xcelsius
  • Add a Flash Variable Connection

  • Add the CELogonToken variable and bind it to a cell

  • Add a formula to extract the hostname from the CELogonToken

[notification type=”notification_info_tiny”]=IF(CELogonToken=””,””,IF(ISERROR(FIND(“:”,CELogonToken)),LEFT(CELogonToken


  • Having the hostname of the BO Core server you know which system you are on. Based on this hostname you can do a lookup to find out the URL for you data connection (Web Service, QaaWS or Live Office)


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