VNSG 2014 event April 3 & 4

VNSG event 2014 – Focus on the user

In a world dictated by IT, we refuse to be led by our systems all the time.  We like to know where we are going when we follow a path. We don’t want to be driven around by a chauffeur, we would like to be in the driver’s seat.

How independent are we? Can we leave the paved roads when we want to, or need to? Are we flexible enough to jump on a passing train to reach our goals faster?

These are the questions that will answered at the upcoming VNSG event, organized by the association of Dutch speaking SAP users on April 3 and 4.

Just-BI is proud to be presenting at this big event. We adopt the theme and we will move from the user’s perspective. Not in predetermined mainstreams. Because you know where you want to go and we know how to get there. Let us guide you through the landscape.

Just-BI takes responsibility of projects. We have been involved in end-to-end BI design and implementation projects at various major companies.

Imagine this: What will happen when your people have 24 x 7 access to all of your systems and information?

We would be happy to meet you at our stand and show you our most recent demos on BI tooling, HANA and our most fancy Mobile BI.

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