We did it again! (2018)

We did it again! 

Yesterday we were able to deliver Christmas boxes for 65 children of Vluchtelingenwerk and vulnerable children in their network (like Wereldhuis). Today the kids will open their boxes at Vluchtelingenwerk. Loved to secretly peek around the corner, but the pictures will do as well. Thanks so much for all of you that contributed to making this yearly Just-Care initiative a success. Can’t say it was a walk in the park – it is a busy month and everybody’s a bit tired and full of customer work and Christmas diners. Going the extra mile by doubling the amount of kids (44 to 65!) in the last week, felt like something we had to do. We do it for the customer when it’s needed – all the more reason for doing it for Just-Care

And, as mentioned, we did it! These are some pics of the sorting and delivery of the boxes. 

Thanks again & see you next year!


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