Management Event March 12th 2014

Let’s start with the goal: the event is all about connecting customers, suppliers and sharing knowledge and experiences on BI & Analytics. In a period of 2 months, speed dates were initiated between customers and suppliers. The main subjects for Just-BI were: Datawarehousing, Dashboards, Mobile and Visualization.

The day itself was intense and refreshing. These are the numbers:
=> 5 Just-BI-ers
=> 48 speed dates  of 15 minutes
=> 1 snapshot presentation
=> 2 discussion facilitators
=> 2 lunch tables
=> 1 interview

There are several ways to evaluate the event. The concept of speed dating we like a lot. It is short, but it does give you a good idea on the mutual interests of Just-BI and the (potential) customer. Having the Just-BI logo displayed during presentations, on billboards and in documentation can have a positive influence on our brand-awareness. On the other hand a the delegation of 2-3 Just-BI-ers would have been enough. Also because of the amount of time required for preparation.

We are very pleased with the number of opportunities that came out of the event so far. To be able to measure the actual results of the Management Event, we have implemented the Lead-to-Order process, defined KPI’s and set our targets. As professional BI consultants we will report the actual to target in a visually effective Dashboard.

Curious to see the result? We will keep you updated.



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