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When someone talks about Malaysia, it’s no surprise that some of the obvious tags associated with Malaysia will be the Petronas KLCC Twin Towers, multicultural, beach, people who likes to end their sentence with “lah” and of course let’s not forget about food…. endless list of food to eat from nasi lemak, Char Kway Teow, Seafood, Durian etc etc. Hmmm just writing this is making me hungry already. No wonder I must go to the gym just so that I can eat all this food.

Well folks that is a bit of my myself – Jamie Wee, a local Malaysian from the state of Sarawak that has decided with another 3 gentlemen to start their own company specialising in the space of Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics. We are proud to say that in 2017, Malaysia is now home to an extended family of JUST BI – a niche boutique IT Consultancy firm specialising in Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics that has being around for more than 15 years.

While we may be considered as a young baby here in Malaysia, the people behind the company are not and have from 8 to 15 years of experience Just in BI. We aspire to be unique and together we are passionate about the data that aspires our customers to love the information.

So, what makes us unique?

  • Innovative – Constantly introducing the JUST Ways of Working (WOW) utilising the latest technologies across Reporting, Analytics, Mobility and Enterprise Performance Management core toolsets.
  • Delivery – Proven capabilities to JUST focus on getting the job down and at the same time having fun
  • Exploration through Just WOW where we dedicate 20% of our time to knowledge development to serve our “Just – Customers”.
  • Autonomy – We are not salesmen, we are JUST Consultants.
  • Social – It’s all about having fun and making a difference (for the better of course!)

I hope that is enough for you to hear our IDEAS on how JUST BI can help with your BI and Analytics problems/journey. Visit us at or drop us an email at; and one of the four of us will greet you. More about the four of us below:

Sallehudin Yusuf

Just-Din started his career as BW Consultant 12 years ago back in the old days when BW was still on version 3.5. Ever since, his talent and passion for data management has led him to focus on various iterations of SAP BW platform which resulted in working in various industries such as Oil & Gas, Retail, Consumer Goods, Utilities and Manufacturing. His work has taken him to many countries and has gone to remote places like Sri Lanka & Papua New Guinea.

Din has acted in several roles such as developer, solution architect and project manager across various projects and customers. Currently he’s playing a role as Design Authority for Shell where he is in charge of advising projects and ensuring standard adherence for various technologies used in Shell including BW on HANA, Native HANA, BODS, BO tools, UI5, ABAP and Control-M. In short, he is the policeman that advocates clean and efficient end to end solutioning meeting business requirements.
Outside of work, Din is always on a look out for adventures and new places to travel. An interesting fact about Just Din was that he started off as a Scuba Diving instructor in Phuket 14 years ago and till today is still an active instructor. Quite interesting was that in 2014, he certified 2 of this colleagues from Shell and JUST BI, extending this love of teaching outside the office space.

Din is also a keen hiker, which has taken him to remote treks across Malaysia, New Zealand.


Jamie Wee

Just-Jamie has 12 years of experience. Having previously worked for Accenture, his main expertise is within the SAP technology portfolio covering Financial and Management consolidation and Business Intelligence that is used for both external and internal reporting

Born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak; Just Jamie is known for building great teams and aligning their efforts with both project and organizational goals in a collaborative manner. He is known to build an environment of a fun workplace and at the same time putting a structure in teams across different geographical locations and building rapport client relations with an excellent record of timely project delivery.

On a separate note, he enjoys trying out new food and enjoys a good cold beer or whiskey (just Single Malt). He used to be active in clubbing, but he is too old for that now, so if anyone is interested for a drink, let’s do it at a nice chill and cosy place.


Justin Lim

Just-Justin spent his formative years working for Accenture – specializing in data management. He spent his first 6 years in the Resources Industry, working on various SAP implementation projects, taking on various roles which includes Project Manager, Delivery Lead and Technical Lead. His main expertise is within the SAP technology practise specializing in data warehousing, reporting and analytics to drive value realization across the organization covering various business functions which includes Finance, Tax, Human Capital Management and Environment Health and Safety. Just-Justin also has experiences in Business Transformation and was involved in a S/4HANA implementation for one of the largest real estate company in Asia.

Just-Justin is passionate in nurturing the best in people, and beliefs in advocating change to help clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their organization. He believes that life is too brief to settle on a routine or in things that does not inspires.

On a lighter note, Just-Justin is a BIG Gooner – and yes, the constant and continuous disappointments over the recent years, has helped with his character building ?. He is an avid fan of stand-up comedy, and has dreams of participating in one (an open mic) before he grows grey.


Lim Qian Fang

Just-Qian started off his journey in SAP almost 8 years ago in SAP and had since specialised in Enterprise Business/Data Warehousing where enterprise level harmonisation of dataset happens for reporting. His primary specialisation is in financial reporting but had since branched out to compliance and regulatory reporting.

Qian had managed several fit for purpose enterprise level implementations enabling insights to stakeholders on financials be it for internal or regulatory external reporting. The reporting implementations cover different SAP toolsets including SAP SLT, SAP BODS, Control M, SAP BW, SAP BPC, SAP BI4 and SAP UI5. Cost and effort saving with the ability to realise the vision of the stakeholders kept Qian driven throughout the years to ensure that the team is seeing the bigger picture for every implementation.

Staying active to keep a sharp mind at work (and of course for more food consumption) leads Qian to take up running and gym cardio. Outdoor run when in travelling or working in foreign country can lead to new unexplored scenery and places which otherwise be missed while you are busy taking the public transport from one place to another. Always up for a short run or hike during weekends whenever available.


PS: We are on a lookout for bright talents who are interested to be early batch for our start up here in Malaysia. If interested, do drop your resumes at


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