Microstrategy on HANA – Part 1

In this demo we will create HANA tables and its content by using SQL script

This demo contains a purchasing scenario with several purchasing organizations in de US and

vendors which are located in Europe.


In this demo we will create 16 tables within schema “MSTR”.  13 tables are master data tables and

3 of them are transaction data tables. See below.

HANA tables

The SQL script in the following file can be used to create these tables above.


The content of these tables is generated with SQL script. Just execute the SQL scripts

in the following files to generate the master data:




The transaction data in the tables PO_HEADER, PO_ITEM and DELIVERY is also generated with SQL

script. This data is generated randomly by using the SQL ROUND/RAND  function, it will pick up

master data from the master data tables randomly. To create transaction data.


Just simply execute the SQL script from the following file.



So summarized, just run the SQL scripts from the following files in this order to create tables and have them filled with data.


2) SQL_MD_2

3) SQL_MD_3

4) SQL_MD_4


P.S. If you like to create more transaction data you have to adjust the SQL statement in the last line of the fifth file.

For example “call BUILD_MSTR_DATA(1000000);  to create one million records.

On top of these tables you can build your own attribute views, analytical views and calculation


Some examples:

Attribute view (AT_MATERIAL)

HANA attr view


Analytical view ( AV_ITEM)

HANA analytical view


Calculation view  (CV_PUR_DEL)

HANA calculation view


On top of these views we have created a dashboard with MicroStrategy. See part 2.





With thanks to Scott Wery



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