SAP BW/4HANA – The Future Starts Now!

What is BW/4HANA?

On September 7th 2016, a new data warehousing solution was born and christened BW/4HANA. Not very surprising, given the fact that SAP BW has undergone such a huge transition starting from the age old BW3.x version to BW7.5 as it stands today. Given the fast changing pace of organizations needing real-time data, data intelligence and flexibility, a BW version exclusively for HANA was the need of the hour, and thus came along BW/4HANA.



As SAP nicely sums it up,

“SAP BW/4HANA is a new data warehouse product from SAP which provides Simplicity, Openness, High Performance and Modern Interface and like SAP S/4HANA; is optimized for the SAP HANA platform. BW/4HANA delivers real-time enterprise wide analytics that minimizes the movement of data, and can connect all the data in an organization into a single, logical view, including new data types and data sources. Organizations now have a data warehousing solution that can meet their current and future business needs – handling more data, from more sources to deliver the solutions that increase an organizations success in the next generation of business.”

Travel with us on the BW/4HANA Journey

We at Just-BI have formed a team to start looking at what SAP BW/4HANA has to offer, and more importantly what is the difference between BW on HANA and BW/4HANA. There is already a plethora of high-level information available out there but we would like to get our hands dirty by digging into the system and finding out first-hand, at a more detailed level.

To kick start this effort, we had a brainstorm session and came up with the following areas that we would like to dig into. We aim to tackle all the below topics as we go along the “BW/4HANA Journey” in the coming weeks and will update this blog post with our findings.

  1. Installing the necessary tools to use BW/4HANA
  2. Find fun data-sets to play with
  3. Data Sources/Source Systems
  4. All about Advanced DSOs
  5. The new way of modeling – Data Flow Objects
  6. ETL/Scheduling
  7. Reporting – Query Designer & Other Tools
  8. Analysis Process – APD vs HAP
  9. Multi-Temperature Data Management
  10. Things that have not changed – Transport Management, Security
  11. Planning & Consolidation – BPC/IP

Watch this space for more!

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