All you need to know about Advanced DSOs…

Simplify your modeling with ADSO Model Templates Read in Why waste time figuring out which modeling property boxes to tick, when you can model a whole ADSO in one click? This is what model templates could do for you. Even though they’re not new in BW/4HANA (SAP introduced them in BW-on-HANA 7.4), it’s still worth having…

Installing the necessary tools to use BW/4HANA

Introduction The very first task for the BW/4HANA team was to arrive at the right set of tools with the right versions, which would allow us to use BW4/HANA seamlessly. Based on SAP’s Installation Guide for Modeling Tools for SAP BW/4HANA and SAP BW powered by SAP HANA, under the section “Installation Requirements”, it is…

SAP Design Studio 1.4 Improved Scaling Script

Scaling became an available feature as of Design Studio 1.3. When a dashboard has multiple data sources and numerous scaling options for the user, the scaling script could become very large. This is not very user friendly for the developer. As of version 1.4 this scaling script can be improved by reducing the size of the script to the minimum and making it easier to maintain and read. In this article I’ll explain how to do it.

Design Studio conditional formatting on SAP HANA

In this post I will share my solution for implementing conditional formatting in Design Studio, a feature that’s currently missing if you have a HANA view as Data Source.
By adding HTML tags to a value in SAP HANA, these tags can be used with custom CSS In Design Studio.

Create Cascading Filters in Design Studio

For some dashboards it can be very useful to do a drill down via cascading filters, also known as dynamic filters; a secondary filter for which the values depend on the selection of the first filter. This article will describe how to create cascading filters in a Design Studio dashboard and what its limitations are.